About Project

Sejal Kumar proves to be one of the most talked-about multi-faceted influencers in the country. She kick-started her career on YouTube back in 2014, when people did not consider it a full-time profession. Being a part of the One Digital Entertainment’s influencer family, she is known for her urban-chic style and for giving the most relatable fashion advice.
Being consistent and fresh with content is a task but Sejal continues to maintain her legacy now to continue her mark in the digital space and hops onto her ‘Podcast throne’. As Sejal says, “There are such thoughts that refuse to shut up!”. So, One Digital and Sejal decided to take all these thoughts and put them on ShutUp Sejal, A One Digital Entertainment’s podcast arm - Production Exclusively on Spotify!
Here one can hear all the meaningful, heartfelt, and candid conversations Sejal has with her friends, other influencers, celebrities, and sometimes with herself too. When you tune in to the podcast and listen to Sejal, you can navigate through all these unsaid thoughts. A new episode is out every 10 days, exclusively on Spotify!