Zomato x Sidhu

About Project

This one-of-a-kind influencer campaign was to effectively promote Zomato's presence in the song and thereby increasing awareness of the brand and the usage of the brand from Sidhu's massive fan following which is immense reach across the globe with a massive skew in the north India belt. The song was hosted on 5911 records - Sidhu Moosewala's record label. The integration was devised and organically seeded in a way that brought out the very essence of Zomato and their product offering. The integration was also placed in key moments of the song so that the brand recall was there for the audience. The song has organically generated over 20 million views on the YouTube channel with each view contributing to immense recall and awareness for the brand in a very short span of time, with no additional spends on distribution. It has also garnered millions of views/ streams across the various streaming platforms where the audio was deployed, making it one of the most successful influencers organic campaigns of all times.