Khayali Pulao

About Project

The protagonist, Asha, is a free-spirited Haryanvi who helps us learn the importance of making our Khayali Pulao (dreams) a reality in this short film about gender bias. Prajakta Koli, a.k.a. Mostlysane, stars as the protagonist in this One Digital Entertainment short film, which marked her film debut. This short film is tasked to convey the idea of freedom succinctly and has been appreciated by audiences world over as a refreshing watch. Yashpal Sharma, Geeta Sharma, Priyanka Sharma, Anushka Sharma, Prince Bajaj, and Sunil Chitkara are among the supporting actors that contribute to bring the storyline to life. The story is written and brought to life by none other than Tarun Dudeja.